Friday, July 11, 2014

Where Bloggers Create 2014

Hi all!

I am pleased to be showing you another of my creating areas in this year's edition of Where Bloggers Create.  Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage hosts this fun show and tell every year and this is my third time playing.  Here are my posts for the basement area from 2013 and 2012. Nothing much has changed in the basement this year, so I thought I'd share where I sew. 
**This is NOT another hobby, because my husband has restricted me from having another hobby until I get rid of one of my other ones... LOL**

Up the stairs in our guest room is where I go when I get the itch to create something with my sewing machine. 

 Yes, I am a big kid who still has lots of stuffies and dolls :)  
Those wooden cabinets were made by my dad years ago and now that he has passed away, I treasure them.  Inside them I hide my sewing stuff.  
My outdated Singer is in the white case on the bottom right, next to the green bin that has my threads, buttons, scissors, etc.  In the drawers on the bottom left I have odds and ends in the top drawer and cut pieces for a quilt in the second drawer.  The bottom drawer has my various patterns.  I also have a bit of a stash of fabric hidden away in 3 trunks I purchased from Ikea years ago and covered with fabric. 
Where do I cut my fabric?  I have a foldable 6' (1.82m) table that I keep in the closet that gets unfolded and set up above the bed when I need to cut fabric.  Place a large cutting mat on it and we're ready to go! 

These were taken a couple weeks ago when I was creating a new awning for my outdoor swing.  Click HERE to check that out if you're interested...
So that's about it for my sewing area...  I occasionally do a fabric project and will post on this blog when I do.  The final pic is me, working away in my little corner.  Hugs!


  1. your dolls are beautiful! you have a very comfortable place to create art friend, a big hug

  2. Nice calm space to create in.
    LOVE those dolls.I am a doll maker too.

  3. Great to have a dual purpose space.

  4. You've been very Creative in having the Space serve double duty! Thanks for Inviting us in for the Grand Tour of your Creative Sanctuary... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Very compact and neat, Cindy! I think you've got the best of both worlds where your guest room still looks like a guest room yet you can get your sewing on when you feel like it. : ) Love the folding table. I need something like this since I don't have table big enough. I usually lay my fabric out on the floor and cut it.

  6. I am going to steal that idea for using the table over the bed!! Thanks.

  7. How clever to have a table over the bed.

  8. Hi Cindy!! I remember your studio from last year!! I still think its clever how you put the cutting table over the bed!!! Thank you so much for linking up this year and letting all get a peak inside again!!

  9. Your craft room looks very nice and clean. Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. Talk about a wise use of space!
    and where yo stand your folding table (luv!) is so ideal! Makes perfect sense!
    I, too, am dealing with tight quarters.
    I may get up courage enough to share a portion of my small world at the next party.
    (wish me luck)


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