Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Awning

Hi there!

I mostly do papercrafts, but I also enjoy the occasional sewing project too.  So when I need to fix something, or the itch appears to create with fabric, I go upstairs to our guest room where I have my sewing machine.  In a couple weeks I will be posting more detail about my sewing area, but for now we will look at my latest sewing attempt.

Our outdoor swing has an awning that ripped up two years ago, which I replaced with a generic one last year.  Unfortunately it was not acceptable or long enough.  So I gave myself a challenge to make a new one in time for Canada Day and our BBQ with neighbours. 

I basically just took a 45"(114cm) folded denim type fabric from Ikea at 86.6" (2.2m).  Edged it all with a zigzag stitch to keep from fraying, and a small overlap hem on the cut ends.  I cut cotton bias tape into 10" (25cm) strips and pinned them approximately where the bar holding the awning was.  I went out and verified the placement before sewing them directly on the fabric with a simple repeated 'X' on the centre of the bias tape strip.  The placement ended up being about 7" (17.7cm) from the sides and 11" (28cm) from the front and back.

Then it was a simple task of tying the awning to the swing.  Not as gorgeous as the purchased one, but functional! 

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