Sunday, June 7, 2020



As many who know me can attest, patience is not my strong suit.
My red hair is natural and with it comes a temper and desire to see things happen NOW.
After 25 years with my husband, I have learned some of this art.  
But things and events have a way to butt their way through at times.  
I want to travel to visit so-and-so NOW.
I've ordered this item and where is it 4 weeks later???
I really should make this food item instead of picking it up ready made....

Lately I've been trying to avoid patience by diving into something, ANYTHING to distract me.
Playing games on my phone.
Watching TV.
Pinterest and Facebook surfing
Digging up my yard and planting.
Mostly though, I've been trying to create.
Even this though is hard to do when the world is upside down.

I have finished some projects though and started many more.  
This is a project I just decided to do because I could finish it quickly and at least have something on the DONE list.  Hopefully it will give me patience to complete many more.

Mod Cat was a quilt along by Colourworx in May.  
I was supposed to enlarge the cat, but decided that a smaller wall hanging would be better for me.

I used scraps from my NOT completed Hope quilt to create the kitty and the scrappy border (which I've never done before) 
The background id Imagine by Windham Fabrics, which I used as inspiration to free motion stitch the words and around.


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