Sunday, June 14, 2020



Last year I took a class with Sally Manke.  She had this cute bicycle pattern and was willing to show us how make one of our own!
I had not learned about Dresden blocks by then, so it was nice to learn something new.  My 30 degree ruler has seen a lot of use since then!

She then went step by step showing us how to use bias tape makers and encouraged us to make the bicycle our own.  I used leather scraps for the seat, joints and pedals, for example.

The group of us traded some flower fabrics also, so we would have a variety of flowers in our baskets. Here we all are!

It took being told to stay home to finish it.  So here it is, back from my long arm quilter, Shawna!  I told her to do what she wanted this time and made my little bicycle look like it was going! SO Cute!

Thanks so much Sally for this class and all the tips!
Thanks to my hubby too, who precariously perched on a ladder over stairs to hang this!


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