Sunday, December 20, 2020

Merry Christmas!


Now that most of my cards have arrived, I can post this year's card.  

This year was not as bad as previous year's in the motivation department.

I happily worked on these and looked forward to sending them out, compared to the last few years of just giving up, or forcing myself to do so.  Winter blues, or SADS is common, and it hits me usually in late October, early November.  I have a light box I use each morning and oddly, this year's Covid restrictions motivated me!  

I wanted to make a little tea kit to share with some members of our Quilt Guild who were really feeling isolated, so I made some large mats or Mug Rugs as some say.  Combined with a tea packet, a treat and my card I went around to their houses to leave a surprise.  Some I had to notify ahead of time as they lived in apartments, but most I just left and ran.  Brought Kara with me and I finished feeling quite up!

In each card, I also usually include a letter with our updates of the year.  
This year I decided to share a poem I found on the internet....
I've since discovered the author is Shawna Hickling from Calgary, AB, Canada

Hugs to all!
And I wish you a healthy and happy 2021!

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