Sunday, August 29, 2021

Puppy Time!


This time I have a good excuse... 24/7 puppy watch while he is awake to make sure he doesn't pee or poop on our floors! His name is Shadow and he is now 10 weeks old.

I swear males take longer than females to learn this!  My American Eskimo, Pirta and my other Sheltie, Kara were trained within 2 weeks!

I tried to get other things done when he naps, but I find myself napping as well to catch up on my rest!  I did manage to make a new flag for our front door though before we got him.  

I made it double sided with a dog on both sides of a piece of Batik.  I also made one as a gift to our breeder in Timmins, Ontario. Rivermyst Shelties is where I got this adorable guy from.  Rosie is an amazing, caring breeder!

Here's to hoping I'll get more quilting time in the near future!


Saturday, August 7, 2021

Just keep going


I've done some changes again as I could see some of the gadgets I had placed on this blog... Hope it all looks good to you now!

I've recently become the Northern Ontario Representative for the Canadian Quilters Association.  I had a great visit with the last one, Lauren MacDonald this week and I'm trying to get myself organized in case someone wants me to come talk to them about this group!  

I've also tried to do small projects to keep myself creative.  Here's a banner I completed the day before Canada Day!  Cutting it close to the wire.... Now I'm contemplating what to make to replace it later this month.  Ideas?

Oh yes!  I also repainted a Barn Block that my friend gave me earlier this spring.  As I love doing hand English Paper Piecing, I made it a Hexi block!

Just keep going and be creative!

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