Sunday, March 29, 2020

Keeping Busy


Well this world wide pandemic is sure interesting, isn't it?
People going nuts hording items, ignoring the stay at home if you travelled somewhere and trying to keep entertained at home.

I have a variety of hobbies that I can do here at home, just some days I do not have the concentration to do them.  I thank good ness for those who organise a way to connect remotely.  I recently participated in the Online Quilt Along organised by Gudrun Erla and will hopefully post my finished top next week.  I think we set a record for greatest number of people quilting at once!  I hope she did anyway.

In between, I, like many others, have been tackling our unfinished projects.  Here are a few of mine.

I've had these saw blades for over 10 years, meaning to make them into a clock for my craft room.  The first attempt was a failure.  But I finally got it done!  Word of experience: Do not use too much Goop.  You will stop the clock workings....

Our local hospital put out a call for fabric masks to wear over their regulation ones to make them more efficient longer.  So we got a pattern approved and we started sewing! Here are some of the ones I created for them.

Hope you're keeping busy!
Stay home and be safe!

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Kona Green Challange


Now that the voting has been done and I do not have to worry about publishing too early, I can show you what I completed in early January.

The Canadian Quilt Association puts out a few challenges each year and this year I joined my Quilt Guild sisters in doing something with a Kona green fabric that also followed the theme of 'Gateway to Adventure'.

I have always been a bookworm and definitely get lost in my books.  It's like I'm right there with story, watching it happen!  So I made a book shelf of SOME of my favourite books going into a leafy background to explore.... The highlight is my favourite: Alice in Wonderland cover that I got permission to print and place in my quilt.

 The artist Jill Howarth pointed me to Scholastic who had the copyright on this image.  After a few emails, I received permission to use the image.  You see, I was entering this quilt in a competition for our guild to pick their favourite, which would then be sent to Quilt Canada in Edmonton this year.  If this was to happen, I would have needed permission.  I didn't win though, so no worries!  Now I can share it and keep it for my living room wall! (well, after it comes back from the local art gallery where I also entered it for 'Memories' challenge

This was the first time using a light box to trace the fonts with paint and marker onto fabric.  Some books have a distinctive font, like Martine, Asterix, Disney and Harry Potter.  Yes, I am bilingual and still have a warm space in my heart for those childhood favourites.

This is only the 3rd or 4th quilt I quilted myself, but I got brave and tried to stitch some words in the background....  

Total size is 16 x 20"


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