Tuesday, May 31, 2016



Is she still alive?
Does she still craft?
Why have there been no posts?

You know, it is difficult to craft when your craft supplies are all in packed boxes.  It is downright frustrating!  We have moved across country and this is what has happened. Since December, I have been cutting down on my supplies and packing up for a move from Edmonton, Alberta to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. 

Upon arriving, my husband was kind enough to plan for a renovation of an unfinished part of our basement right away to enable me to have a dedicated place to work.  Unfortunately the gentleman we hired to do the work has another job and the 2 week estimate stretched to 2 months...  I entertained myself with taking pics as the work progressed.

Then the painting time arrived! We were able to paint before he put in the floor and trim.  My mom was visiting for a couple weeks and she volunteered to chip in, as well as my husband.  I taped and cut in the corners, Jim did the ceilings and touch-ups and mom rolled the walls.  Mom asked not to be posted to the Internet, but I did take pics of her too!  So we started on Mother's Day (which was also Jim's birthday) and did 3 sessions of painting that took about 2 hours each.

I have a family that rocks!  I did provide cake too!

I'll post more pics next time...  I am back!

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