Sunday, April 14, 2019



Paper scraps from scrapbooking.
Ribbon scraps from card making.
Yarn scraps from crochet.
Fabric scraps from quilting!
I'm getting buried here!

I do hate to throw out something in case it can be reused though.  My husband constantly asks if he can throw away any paper or cardboard, just in case I had designs on it for my crafts.

I've been spending time with a new friend that is getting buried in her fabric scraps, and it's put the urge to do something with my various scraps.  My energy is diminishing and I no longer wish to deal with it all.  SO, it's dog bed stuffing for the fabric pieces, garage sale for supplies I no longer use and sharing with other scrapbook friends for other odds and ends!

I am helping co-ordinate our quilt guild's Quilt Show this coming July and volunteered to make up some give-away items.  Amazing what scraps can do!

Pin cushions today...

Hope you're able to do something with your scraps!!!


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