Sunday, August 2, 2020

Flip Flop Quilt


As I become more confident in my sewing skills, I try new things.  
I wanted to make a quick quilt for my godmother and thought.. Hey!  Quilt As You Go!
The premise is that Each square is quilted individually, top, battang and backing then you just attach the pieces together.  

Use Steam A Seam on the back of the fabric and cut out the flip flops...

Got through the individual squares alright. I left some squares empty and just quilted shell shapes.

Sew the back pieces together first, then hand sew or machine sew the tops.
I used some decorative stitches on my machine to make sure the seams would stay down and hopefully mimic sand and water.
Completely threw me off, seeing the individual seams on the top....

But, for something I just put together without a pattern, not bad first try.   

My godmother has now received it, and she seems to like it.  So I'm glad! 
That's my guy posing with it outside...


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