Sunday, February 26, 2017

Published card!

Hi there!

It's been a while since I've had a card published.  Mind you, it's been a while since I submitted cards too.  I've started to again before Christmas, but it takes about 6 month minimum to see if it is published.  Sometimes longer, as magazines will keep items for a few years to publish at a later date for a specific theme.  The feeling never grows old though!  Love it!

This latest one was published the 2017 Winter Just Cards magazines. 

My other published items are in the other pages of this blog.


Mardi Gras Scull

Hi there!

A couple years ago a had a great idea for making custom stamps (not an original one, mind you) and I got excited when I saw a friend's necklace.  So I borrowed it and used a magic foam type product that retains the imprint of what you press into it. Then I stamped it!

Pretty cool but I didn't want the edge.  So I cut out the imprint and tried again.

This is the final result. (front of the card and inside)

I still have this custom stamp and love it!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Needed cards


My family is French Canadian, so I'm thinking a lot of them lately!

Lately I had to sit down and make some specific cards for some special people.

A cousin recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  As we have a tradition to give something Disney inspired, this was the card I created for her.  Disney paper of course as the background.  Then a printed vellum by Sonnets which I stamped Disney balloon stamps with black Staz-On ink.

I also found out about a few deaths in family and good friends' family.  This is always a case where I try to make something from the heart, while thinking of the family while I'm creating.  Often I play some inspirational music when doing these too.  Depending on my knowledge of the family's faith, I will select a more or less spiritual message.  The greetings are by Stampin' Up! and I cannot remember who created the flower/label stamp.

A plus tard! (See you later!)

Mad About Machines


I've been working on a quilt and will be showing that to you once I get to the halfway point ;)

I do love older sewing machines from the turn of the century.  They are so beautiful! And each one has a story to tell!

In November, one of my sewing teachers was selling her treadle sewing machine and I jumped at the chance to bring it home!  I've been looking for one like her for quite a while!  Her name is Valentina.  Lily had her cleaned and replaced her belt and she works!  She's been in my sewing area since then and I love the look of her! 

She even came with a box of feet and spools!  Have not had a chance to play on her yet though...

THEN I went to visit my mom and was offered to use my grandmother's sewing machine while I was visiting. 

We tested it and were amazed at how well it ran and SO quiet!  When I tried to use it a couple days later we couldn't get it to load the bobbin.  Did exactly the same thing, but the thread will not come up from the bobbin area.  I'm thinking maybe a spring needs to be replaced maybe...  Mom gave me permission to bring her home and see about getting her fixed.

Don't know what to call her... I called my grandmother 'memere' but that doesn't sound like a good name.  Or maybe yes?  I'll take suggestions!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Man, I cannot believe it's been two months...
A family situation has kept me away and not really crafting, but I will try to make up for it...

I tried upgrading my crochet skills these past few weeks by attempting a simple hat.  I used a pattern from Leisure Arts called Shaped Hat and the scarf is from the blog Tales of the Hook - Keyhole Scarf
I used yarn from Loops and Thread called Powdery.  This colour is labeled 'Red'.

I had enough yarn to make a second set that I donated to the Cancer Centre at the St. Catharine's hospital.

Then I made myself a set, using the same yarn but in the colour 'snow'.

I like the variegated nature of this wool.  Looks like I did a lot more work! LOL!
Until next time!

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