Sunday, April 26, 2020

Time to work

Hello all!

With this Covid19 or Corona Virus causing a shutdown, it has been hard.  Really hard.  The only thing that keeps me going is that I know I am helping to keep other people safe and helping our medical professionals (a bit) by not adding to the chaos at the hospital.  Like many others in the world, I am making masks, reading and crafting.  Some days I break down and just pout, or space out with games on my phone.  Some days I create.

Today I will show you a design wall I put together in minutes....
I quilt.  When you make blocks to go together, most of the time you cannot just join them together willy nilly. You need to lay them out to make sure they look ok.  So I had on black display board, but today I ordered two more.  I went online for curb side pick up at Michaels.  Just got back from getting the supplies.

Then I assemble!  The bottom two panels are one board cut in half lengthwise.  I had to trim a bit off the right side boards, but I'm happy with it!   I can pin up my rows, and when I need to rearrange blocks, I'll pin some batting to this and then my blocks will stay put as I rearrange the patterns...

The curtain rod above was my first attempt at putting up rows with pant hangers.  OK, but not as versatile.

All I can say is keep busy.  Keep trying.  You may have a bad day, and that's ok, but the next day, try again....  I will try to keep track of the days and post each week, like before....

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