Sunday, March 1, 2020

Kona Green Challange


Now that the voting has been done and I do not have to worry about publishing too early, I can show you what I completed in early January.

The Canadian Quilt Association puts out a few challenges each year and this year I joined my Quilt Guild sisters in doing something with a Kona green fabric that also followed the theme of 'Gateway to Adventure'.

I have always been a bookworm and definitely get lost in my books.  It's like I'm right there with story, watching it happen!  So I made a book shelf of SOME of my favourite books going into a leafy background to explore.... The highlight is my favourite: Alice in Wonderland cover that I got permission to print and place in my quilt.

 The artist Jill Howarth pointed me to Scholastic who had the copyright on this image.  After a few emails, I received permission to use the image.  You see, I was entering this quilt in a competition for our guild to pick their favourite, which would then be sent to Quilt Canada in Edmonton this year.  If this was to happen, I would have needed permission.  I didn't win though, so no worries!  Now I can share it and keep it for my living room wall! (well, after it comes back from the local art gallery where I also entered it for 'Memories' challenge

This was the first time using a light box to trace the fonts with paint and marker onto fabric.  Some books have a distinctive font, like Martine, Asterix, Disney and Harry Potter.  Yes, I am bilingual and still have a warm space in my heart for those childhood favourites.

This is only the 3rd or 4th quilt I quilted myself, but I got brave and tried to stitch some words in the background....  

Total size is 16 x 20"


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