Sunday, August 29, 2021

Puppy Time!


This time I have a good excuse... 24/7 puppy watch while he is awake to make sure he doesn't pee or poop on our floors! His name is Shadow and he is now 10 weeks old.

I swear males take longer than females to learn this!  My American Eskimo, Pirta and my other Sheltie, Kara were trained within 2 weeks!

I tried to get other things done when he naps, but I find myself napping as well to catch up on my rest!  I did manage to make a new flag for our front door though before we got him.  

I made it double sided with a dog on both sides of a piece of Batik.  I also made one as a gift to our breeder in Timmins, Ontario. Rivermyst Shelties is where I got this adorable guy from.  Rosie is an amazing, caring breeder!

Here's to hoping I'll get more quilting time in the near future!


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