Thursday, March 27, 2014

Something of me


I belong to a stamping club who celebrated their 15th anniversary last year.  As part of the fun, we we all asked to create a small 4.25x5.5" postcard that depicts something of ourselves.  On the backside it was to list our name and some basic things like our stamp interests, why we continue to be members of our club, ect.  I don't know about you, but narrowing down my interests is difficult!  Here is my attempt:
So I started with a 4x5.25" piece of Stampin Up leaf paper.  I ran 4 different types of washi tapes along the bottem right.  I partially attached the two layers with 3 leaf brads in the bottem left.  I stamped this greeting stamp onto scraps of SU! paper and adhered to the centre.  We had leave a clear  border along one side in order for the pages to be mounted in a book.

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