Monday, October 7, 2013

Using up personal stock


I am finally able to post after being out for a week with a cold/flu!  Hope you all are all keeping healthy. 

I bought a couple kits a few years ago from Moveable Parts.  I never did get to assembling them.  Last month I finally did.  My sister's birthday was coming up and she is very much a kitty person.  She also turned the big 4 0 !  I am not famous for following instructions at the best of times, since as soon as I see what we are doing, I tend to tweek it a bit to see what happens.  So here are the results of my purchased kit: Pack of Cats.

Card one is my sister's 40th card.  The left side is accordion folded and a kitty has been placed on each fold.  I made the card fold over from the right, making it backwards from normal, but I like this quirk!  On the folding side I only adhered the kitty paper top, bottom and left side, making a pocket to insert a gift card.  The score lines were made at 2"/2"/2"/2"/2"/2"/2"/5"/5".  Then I folded the top corner at the end.  I used paper from We Are Memory Keepers called Friends Furever.  The HB stamp is by Stampin' Up!  The inside words I created using the Dial-Up A Word Band Stamp DUS300

The second card was folded as per instructions, sort of, and the rest of the kitties added in the accordion folds as required.  Same paper used to embellish the card.
The score lines were 1 3/4",1 3/4",2 1/2",1 1/2",2 1/2",2",6",2",2 1/2",1 3/4",1 3/4"

No my usual work, but quick and fun!

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