Saturday, June 9, 2012


Man a week goes by fast! I read something not too long ago about what you collect.  I know, craft supplies.... Seriously though the question was what do you find interesting enough to collect different ones of?  I thought about this and couldn't come up with something right away.  When I was 12, it was bookmarks.  When I was older, it was books about the Titanic. 

Now, well I found something... rocks.  OK, quit laughing!  Our family has experienced a few big losses in the past few years, and I was drawn to rocks... When my dad was still living, he finally got a chance to buy a piece of property of hs own.  When her got back from 'his land' he gave my mom, my sister and I each a rock from his land.  When he died 3 years ago, I finally got a chance to see his land in person (it's in northern Quebec).  Upon leaving, I just felt I needed a ROCK from his land.  So I took one to bring home to Alberta.  You should have seen the look on my husband's face when I took it out of my luggage. 

The next year, I visited my grandfather's original land and was again struck to need a piece of it.  This time it was a little smaller, seriously! 

Then my husband found a rock from where he spent all his summers as a little boy. 

So here's my collection of rocks.  Sure to grow as more significant events happen to our family... 
What do YOU collect?

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