Sunday, February 2, 2020

Permission to Start Over


During a 10 day challenge I participated over Christmas, I considered something I really should have before....

I hate to waste things.  I recycle when possible and reuse what I can.  So when a project is not gong the way I like, I tend to ignore it.  And it becomes an unfinished item.

Last year I discovered temperature quilts.  I liked the idea of doing a row of yarn on a project dependent on the local weather temperature.  You pick a high or low temperature of the day and crochet a row.

My pallet is this.  I chose a different colour for every 5 degree temperature range.  (Celsius, as we are in Canada)

The pattern was hexies, cause I LOVE hexies.  And each hexie is one week of temperatures.

The hexies were ok, but when connecting them, it became messy, the colour stuck out and I didn't like it.  I got 10 weeks done, then never continued it.

Then this challenge topic was introduced.  If you really don't like it, take it appart, and make something else, or just throw it out.  I was given permission to do so.  Funny how we need someone else to say this so we feel better about it.  We were talking about quilting, but this applies to everything creative we might do!

So I took it apart and started over.  I still had the yarn.  I still liked the idea, so I did a simpler idea.  Just rows.  I am alternating a row of double crochet and a row of single crochet each day.  So my finished throw will be 366 or so
rows long, with a row of white in between each month.  Here is January!  We've been hovering around the 0 mark lately with only a couple days going to -15.

Have a great week!

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