Sunday, December 22, 2019

Refurbished Quilt


We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this past September.  This was an almost 3 week trip south to the ABC islands and Florida.  As we have a fur-baby that needs to be taken care of, my sister was kind enough to come up to the Soo and do this for us.  So I decided to finish re-making a quilt our grandmother had given her years ago, as a thank you.

Now this quilt was pieced by our aunt, and then hand quilted by our grandmother.  The fabrics she used were the clothing that was worn by the family over the years.  All her quilts are this way.  We love them!  My sister REALLY loved hers.... to pieces!  Some of the fabric was disintegrating and the back was in shreds.  When she gave it to me, she asked if I could repair it.  I said no.  BUT maybe I could use parts of it to make her something smaller?  She readily agreed as she wanted something of our grandmother to keep.

  So I spent some time taking the blocks apart and then using a fabric shaver to get rid of the pills.  I cut the blocks down to a uniform size.  then sat down to figure out what I could do.  My sister had created these tie died pieces the summer before, and one of them were the perfect colours to add to this quilt.  Then, I used some sleeves of our father's shirts to make a border.

The backing and binding are flannel, as she usually used flannel sheets to back her quilts then just roll the fabric to the front and sew it down.  Our grandmother did one specific style of quilting, which I have learned is called the Baptist Fan.  So I asked a good friend to use this pattern on her long arm to mimic our grandmother's style.

I called it 3 Generations.  It is now a memory quilt she will hopefully enjoy for many years.
It was completed in time for me to display it at our quilt show in July.

Cindy :)

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