Tuesday, April 7, 2015



Been out with a cold/flu for quite a while!
This current strain comes and goes for a while and hits hard, so watch out and REST if you get it!

Organising my photos and found some projects I have never shown you!
Last year at this time I bought a couple fine detailed dies from Tattered Lace.  I immediately started to play with them but ran into trouble getting the center of the design to cut out.  (I later discovered that my Cuttlebug had indeed died).
I used black adhesive backed velvet paper and it just seemed like a sin to throw away all those pretty swirls and bits.

I stuck all the little bits randomly on a white piece of paper and trimmed it up to make a border.  Then put it aside for a future project.  In September I decided to use it to make a birthday card for a girlfriend.  I sprayed it with mist to make the white paper a greeny-gold and then placed it on this piece of Magenta vellum, dark green cardstock then onto the medium folded card. 
She liked it!

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