Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fun-Raiser cards!

Hi all!

I belong to the Shetland Sheepdog Fanciers Club here in Edmonton, Alberta.  We are a group of people who LOVE our shelties!  We have a few breeders and a quite a few show dogs.  We also have a few of us (me included) that have companion animals (Do not compete for points and ribbons).  We are doing some fundraising for dog show events that we are hosting in the next year and I thought I'd share my cardmaking skills and supplies.  SO last Saturday I had 5 ladies take me up on my offer to make 5 cards for $10.  All funds going to my club. 

I supplied all paper, ink, stamps and adhesives.  Spent a couple evenings pre-cutting everything so they just had to stamp, colour and stick it all together.  These cards were geared to new stampers so a couple ladies whipped through the kits in record time :)  Those with not so much experience took about 1.5 hours to do the 5 cards.  Lots of laughing and stories which I enjoy at any of these events and some funds raised for my club.  One lady honoured me by purchasing quite a few cards I had already made from my stash for $5 each!  I meant to take pics of the fun but completely forgot!  Next get together for sure!  Hugs to all who came! 

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