Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pockets of Fun


We're just finishing up our 20th anniversary holiday and I thought you'd like to see something I made for this trip.  We took a Disney Cruise as part of the fun and a while ago families on the cruises decided to start little gift exchanges as a means of getting to know each other or just 'pixie dust'  (anonymous gift to make you happy)  This volunteer tradition caught steam and started to produce some beautiful handmade pocket style holders that are hung outside the staterooms on the fish clips that the staff use to leave messages.  Hence the name 'Fish Extenders'  If you are curious to learn more, use your search engine to look for 'Disney Cruise Fish Extenders' and you'll get LOTS of images.  Just another way to add more fun on your trip. 

Back to my pockets.... My hubby wanted a traditional Mickey and Minnie style but I never do traditional... :)  I have to do a twist :) 

I added two self cut mickey head silhouettes out of Canadian fabric (the back uses the same maple leaf fabric too!)  I even added some lace on Minnie's bloomers :)
I did not personalize the pockets as there are just me & hubby, and the choices should be obvious!  You may remember the post I did last year where I learned to crochet.  I made sets of four coasters of these as my gift for each cabin then assembled little things like pens, candy, stamp, nail stickers, etc. for individual gifts.  

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