Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tangle time!

I was introduced to Zentangle, 3 years ago by a fellow stamper.  At the time, I said 'Cute, but what can I do with it?'  Well give me time to open my mind and now I LOVE this version of purposeful doodling that relaxes me and adds a personal touch to many things! 

At work lately, the moms were commenting how the kids were required to each purchase a practice ball.  There are only so many colours and styles out there of #3 and #4 balls apparently. So I offered to tangle them.  They kinda looked at me funny, but said sure.  Here are the results that only took about 45 minutes each to do. 

Before and After
 This is Gemmagh's Ball

Before and After for Anna's Ball

 Fun right???!!  Check out the Zentangle site for info!

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