Saturday, June 21, 2014


Well it is the first day of summer and I am finally starting my spring cleaning in my hobby areas!  I am trying to get ready for the annual Where Bloggers Create and trying to FIND some of my things in the scrap room! 

This week was my last for delivering lunches to school kids this school year.  In one of my schools, I have student helpers in the shape of Grade 5.  These kids are being taught leadership skills and as part of their lunch time supervision of younger grades, on Lunch Lady day (my delivery day) they also pick up and deliver the lunches to those classrooms. 
As a thank you, I ty to give tham a little token at Christmas and the end of the year.  I baked up some Pilsbury Chocolate Chip cookies and packaged them up in ziplock bags for their year end gift.  My employer also threw in some bendy pencils you can see peeking out from the bag topper I made.

I used Tim Holtz and another stencil to create a layered punky look to the toppers.  6x3" white cardstock was the base.  First layer was hexagons in yellow, second was stripes in pink and the top layer was a gear stencil in blue.  I played around with the order and so had two test ones that I turned into the Thank You card for the teacher involved.  The letters are an older Stampin' Up set I have and that's it!  Fold over the edge of the bag and staple to secure. 

Merci to the Grade 5 class at Holy Cross School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!  They are a bilingual elementary and junior high IB school.

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