Tuesday, July 23, 2013



I've been working ahead on some cards that I promised to swap with friends in the coming months...  The online Yahoo group I correspond with called OSA (Oriental Stamp Art) sets out challenges and we create within those outlines.  One that I have been doing all year is Black + one colour.  Each month is a different colour.  These are cards that I have done after those swap cards. 

This panda image is from About Art Accents.  Love the unique shape of it.  Dodecagon?  12 sided shape.  Some black and washi paper and an embossed Stampin Up kanji image.

No stamping on this one!  Black and washi papers, gold coloured charms and a New Year lucky envelope.

This gold bamboo printed acetate is one of my favourites!  So versatile!  It's by Mambi.  More black and washi paper and another embossed Stampin Up kanji image.  I do not have the stamps.  When I had access to them years ago, I stamped  off a bunch on white glossy paper and black embossed them.  Ready for when I need them!

I found these really cute magnetic bookmarkers at chapters and incorporated one on the top right.  The stamped silhouette is by Stampin Up, the kanji by Stamp Magick.  I believe the ribbons are self adhesive by Die Cuts With A View. 

So are you trying to get ahead on your projects this summer?

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