Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ArtWalk 2013


I get inspiration from everywhere and when something attracts me, I take a picture.  I learned lately that my scrapbooking friends think this is a funny quirk of mine...  I've got a good sense of humour!  I can appreciate that I look silly at times taking pictures of odd things like:
This is a kid's coat at one of the schools I delivered lunches to this school year.

I have been trying to get to the White Avenue Art Walk here in Edmonton for a few years now. I would either forget the date or be working so I would miss it!  This year with the help of my Windows phone, I scheduled myself to be there last Friday with my baby, Kara. 

The brat would not stay next to me, look at me or come to me when I called.  She was only interested in looking at all the people and getting pats/attention.  Little flirt!  :) 

This is NOT a complete list of artists, for that check out  the official site.  These are just the ones that caught my attention and that I had a chance to chat with...

Allison Stang

Carleen Ross Dunlop  "The Queer Deer"Kat Doell & Textures Loney Donald Miskolzie   Spray Paint Artist Andrew Olivier  Wandering Cindy Gillespie   Body part painting   Barbara Kowalewski   magnets  Daniel Evans   Http://  Joe Reimer Carol Collin Jayna Simpson   Misook Song   Roderick Fuchs    www.fuchsart.comAllan Milne   Andrea Meredith   Angie Rees   Patrick Markle    Leanna Isayew   Karly Lagore   Shelby Welch    Dominica W    Skull paintings    Roger Shaw

So walk around your hometown and get inspiration!  Go to local art stores, farmers markets, festivals!  You never know what will inspire you!  Hugs!

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