Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Know How To Crochet!!!!


And you are thinking, "SO?"
I am a visual learner.  Sometimes I can follow instructions to do something, but I usually need pictures, and even better is if I am shown.  I tried last summer to learn to crochet.  The books and pictured were just NOT doing it for me.  Why not use You Tube???  I didn't think of it.  So I found this project on the internet and my mom was visiting for 3 weeks, so I begged her to help me with it. 
See that look of concentration???  It took me 6 hours to figure out the first one! 

See the computer screen?  Yes, we are trying to knit flat Mickey mouse heads.  Between You Tube and this lady's blog: we managed it.  I want to make a pile of these for a swap I am doing next year.  This blue one is the first one I did in 6 hours!
I am now down to an hour and a half for each completed head.  This is how big they are in relation to my hand.  I know some of you can crochet faster, but I am still learning!

 I've sent these off to a Make a Wish family who is taking a Disney Cruise soon.  The initials are for each of the 3 kids.  I attached magnets to the back of these so they can stick on their stateroom door and then when they get back home.

Bye for now!

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