Tuesday, July 21, 2020



I used to be a professional photographer.
I took wedding photos, portraits and had a portfolio.

This was at the end of negative based photography and the beginning of Digital.  People were becoming more photo savvy and not willing to pay for a real professional.  I then worked in a 1-hour lab.  That's where I met my man of 25 years....

I sold off my professional equipment years ago, and now only have my phone and digital camera.  I've just packed up the last of my negatives and slides and sent them off to be digitally scanned so I can have them forever on my computer system. What a task!  Pick only your best stuff because it's about $1 an image!  

But I still dabble in photography.

At the beginning of this pandemic, I made an impulse purchase of a Lensball.  I finally got it 3 and half months in.  You might have seen ads about this item.  Yesterday I got this overwhelming urge to go on a photo safari.  Packed up the basics, my dog and headed to the beach on Lake Superior.  

So I played.  Man it's nice to just take pictures and delete what doesn't work.  I took ALOT of pictures on film that had to be developed and printed.  This wasted ALOT of negatives.  So easy now!  Shoot & delete if you do not like!

There are days, I miss this, and so off I go to play....


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