Sunday, April 15, 2018

Mickey Pins


When you go to Disney properties, they have a fun interactive activity that has been happening for a while now: Pin Trading.  Yes, it has to be Disney pins, but there are relatively inexpensive starter packs that you can purchase and then you are set to trade!  All Disney cast members in the parks, hotels, etc. have a lanyard around their neck to trade pins with.  You can also trade with other guests, but I've found them to be a little more picky.

Anyway, I have purchased and traded for pins for the last few trips and needed a way to display them.  I had to focus on just Mickey Logo style pins, or I'd be in real trouble with all the pins available!  They're SO pretty!!!

Michaels has these felt Mickeys

And rolls of self adhesive cork

So a combined them onto a piece of 14x14" board from a broken frame.  I used Automotive Goop.  Then brought it into Michaels to get a custom frame made with no glass.  This way I can continue to add pins and switch them around if I like.


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