Thursday, November 24, 2016

Christmas Card Frenzy

Hello all!

I've been frantically making cards the last few weeks.  Not our family cards of course, I've still to make THOSE.  I sent off my mom's cards to her last week and I've been finishing off cards to sell at the Church Street Coop this Saturday.  I'll be there all day from 10-4 with my cards and other items I have made.  Come by if you get a chance!  We're located at the start of Church Street behind the Floatplane Museum.

One of the projects I've been working on is helping a friend of mine here in the SOO to do some stamping.  She's quite the artist and even created a series of canvases a few years ago.  I used these images as a starting point for her to stamp on.  She's created quite a few cards and sold a few too!  I've gotten her permission to use her images as a starting point for some of my cards. 

Another person I've been working with is Sandra with Clay It Forward.  I really like the idea of making a piece of art in exchange for a completed piece.  She also uses her donations to help bring attention to other non profit groups. 

So I combined both in a series of really pretty cards if I do say so myself! 

Hope to see you at the Church Street Coop on Saturday!

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