Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

I knew it had been a while, but not that it has been over a month!
Sorry everyone!
Family health and family death has kept me rather uncreative for the last month, but now that is behind and a new year is ahead!

 See this picture?

I've been dreaming of Alice and her friends a lot lately... I am a Disney nut to start with, but something about Alice makes me feel CREATIVE!  So I have started the process of altering a book to turn it into my depository of a variety of Alice inspired art.

I started with an old school dictionary I found at Value Village:

Chose some handmade paper from Art Neko, covered the outside and glued the spine that was ripped and starting to separate from the book.  I added some Alice in Wonderland copied pages from a collage kit to the fron and back covers.

I glued quite a few pages together at the edges from the back until I had the thickness I wanted and after it had dried for a few days, I cut out a circle through the thickness.  (SHARP exacto knife needed for this!)
Then I painted the surround of this page with two shades of green Glaze paints.  They are shimmery and transluscent that allow to see what is under the colour. Curious about what's next?  Me too! :)

I'll be showing you some more of this and other Alice inspired art over the next couple months...
See you next time!

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