Sunday, July 26, 2020

6 months Temperature Blanket


Well, you can plan ahead for some projects, but some you can not, and so have to be adaptable.
I started 2020 with a temperature blanket.  I posted about this on February 2. 

I was using Bernat Handicrafter cotton solid yarn in these colours in degrees Celsius:
-30 to -26 Robin's Egg  0
-25 to -21 Mod Blue  0
-20 to -16 Hot Blue  0
-15 to -11 Blueberry  1
-10 to -6 French Blue  3
-5 to -1 Blue Jeans  6
0 to 4 Teal  10
5 to 9 Sage Green  6
10 to 14 Emerald  2
15 to 19 Chamomile  3
20 to 24 Coral Rose  2
25 to 29 Tangerine  2
30 to 35 Country Red  1

By mid June, I could no longer find most of these solid colours available, so I stopped and now have a 6 month temperature blanket.  It's quite nice, but I would have liked to complete the year.  Oh well!
The number of balls used is written next to each colour.

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