Sunday, January 5, 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It's 2020, the year I turn 50!  AH!!!!

As with a lot of people, I'm feeling the need to organise and purge and make better use of my time.  I joined a 10 Day Orphan Block Challenge just after Christmas that has been interesting.  The concept by Becky at Patchwork Posse is to encourage us to get these unfinished things and do something with them.  Getting rid of the guilt and giving ourselves permission to get rid of them by either by finishing, altering the finished purpose or just plain getting rid of them if necessary.

So went into the cabinet and listed the projects I have put aside...

I have 49 listed projects!!!  AH! Again! This does not include all the ideas that pop into my head that have not had fabric assigned to yet!
I love her approach and have created a new list of UFOs for 2020.  Let's see how many I get done!  I will high-light as I get them done.  I've already finished one!

The Applique club I joined gave us a block pattern to make up for a BLOTTO at the February meeting.  I got excited and made 2 :)

What have you got planned for 2020?

Cindy :)

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