Sunday, November 17, 2019

New (Old) Machine


This past year has been a bit nutty.
I volunteered to co-chair a local quilt show for our Quilting Guild, Stitches From the Heart, I volunteered to redo and maintain the guild's website: and have been managing the library and taking pictures at the meetings when needed.

Oh yes!  We also just celebrated our 25th Anniversary with a big trip to the southern Caribbean and Florida.

So I will try yet again to pre-plan some posts and keep on top of it...

Today I want to introduce you to my newest (senior) machine.

I wanted a smaller, lighter machine for taking classes and easy to maintain.  Luckily one of our guild members had a few extra and was willing to sell me one.  This Singer 221 machine is as cute as a button and runs so beautifully!  It only does a straight stitch forward and back, but for most classes, this is all you need!  From the Serial number, I believe her birthday is in 1938.

Unless one dies, this will be my limit.  Well…. MAYBE an embroidery machine one day....


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