Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mad About Machines


I've been working on a quilt and will be showing that to you once I get to the halfway point ;)

I do love older sewing machines from the turn of the century.  They are so beautiful! And each one has a story to tell!

In November, one of my sewing teachers was selling her treadle sewing machine and I jumped at the chance to bring it home!  I've been looking for one like her for quite a while!  Her name is Valentina.  Lily had her cleaned and replaced her belt and she works!  She's been in my sewing area since then and I love the look of her! 

She even came with a box of feet and spools!  Have not had a chance to play on her yet though...

THEN I went to visit my mom and was offered to use my grandmother's sewing machine while I was visiting. 

We tested it and were amazed at how well it ran and SO quiet!  When I tried to use it a couple days later we couldn't get it to load the bobbin.  Did exactly the same thing, but the thread will not come up from the bobbin area.  I'm thinking maybe a spring needs to be replaced maybe...  Mom gave me permission to bring her home and see about getting her fixed.

Don't know what to call her... I called my grandmother 'memere' but that doesn't sound like a good name.  Or maybe yes?  I'll take suggestions!

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