Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Recycling Candy.... (boxes)

It's so busy getting ready for Christmas!  My cards are almost done...
I know leaving it to last minute are we??? :) 

Wanted to share with you another recycling project I worked on last month.  We do not have small kids with lunches so the only time we buy small packs of chocolate is at Halloween.  Since we only had 8 kids this year at the door, we had a fair amount of chocolate left over.  I emptied all the Smarties boxes into my bowl in my craft room and thought it was a shame to waste all these pretty boxes.  (I am to bright colours as some are to shiny and glitter) 
So cover an 8 1/2" x 11 sheet of cheap paper with sookwang sheets, then peal off to reveal the stickiness.  Place cut box sides to sheet in a fun pattern. 
When you run out boxes, go find other candy wrappers to use!
Voila!  Brightly coloured 'paper' ready to use in your cards! 
Here are a couple of the cards I created...
The best part is you can use any wrapping that you have alot of the same...  Granola Bars, gum wrapping, etc...

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