Friday, December 31, 2021

Creative time


This year, my health took a priority.  
My weight has been steadily climbing since we got married in 1994.
Despite many attempts, nothing really worked.
So after a summer of a new fat flushing medication, calorie control and exercise, I enrolled in a program with the Bariatric clinic of Sudbury.  
3 months of only Optifast shakes 4 times a day.
My poor man!  Grumpy is not the only word, but the only one I can use here!
Since February 2021 I have lost 75 pounds. and I hope to keep it off.

The point of this is I spent a LOT of time in my craft room, distracting myself.
So for the next bit I'll show you what I've made...

First up is this cute mermaid wall hanging.

I got the pattern from a sew along I joined. 
It is called Ocean Child by Laura Strickland.

I have been swapping 2.5" strips with the ladies of my guild for the last two years and decided I need to start using some of them.
The background is some of the blue ones I received.

Have a great and safe New Year's Eve!


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