Sunday, December 27, 2020

Stich Along

 Hello All!

When Covid hit, I was needing something to distract myself, and a cousin has posted some Blackwork she was doing each week.  I had done cross stitch before, but not Blackwork.  I checked out Peppermint Purple { Blackwork Patterns & Cross Stitch Patterns – Peppermint Purple  }and found I quite liked her designs.  So I started the 2020 Stitch along.  This is where she publishes a pattern each week, and we add to our growing piece.  Many followed exactly the colours, many did their own colour choices.  Some adapted for one reason or other. I miscounted my cloth needed and so I missed out on the last couple months of this one.  She did give me permission to publish this.  So here it is!

This was a free weekly stitch along, and we needed to join her Facebook page to get the updates. 

 {  (20+) Peppermint Purple | Facebook } And she's doing another one in 2021!  Also free!  Such a generous lady, who lives in the UK, I just figured out!  A lot of her patterns are downloadable after purchase, so you are good to go.  Lots of encouragement from the other members too!  It is quite peaceful focusing on this once a week.  A little "ME" time.  

If you are curious, check her out!  Beginner friendly!!

Hugs and Happy New Year!

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