Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Skull Phone Fobs

Hi all!

We are taking a combo holiday later this year, land and sea.  Disney of course! Check out my last Disney project: Crocheted Mickey ears.  This time I did something for the teens and tweens.  This Disney Cruise is in the Caribbean and they have a pirate theme night each cruise in this area.  This age group is tricky, but I figured that skulls made up to attach the the phones, their clothes or even their bag might be appreciated.  So I went to the bead store and got supplies. 
The string of skull beads was $20 for 20, the straight pins were $4.15 for 100, and the charm holders were $3 for 5.  Total about $1.64 per.  There are jump rings and small beads also, but I had them in my stash.  An hour of my time and I had 15 made up!  Aren't they great!
Cindy :)

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