Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life Happens!

Well, I hinted to this event last month, but it has affected me more than I thought it would.
Just before leaving for a month long holiday we had two weeks of heavy rain.  This lead to a clean water flood in our basement... where my and my husband's work areas are.  We are currently finishing up the clean up and clear out of the basement.  I do not see myself getting back to creating for another few weeks though.  As a result, I will be posting past completed projects I have already photographed.  (beacause I cannot find them right now)  Here are some pics of the damage just because, as the saying goes, they are worth a thousand words...

These are before and afters.  My husband spent his two weeks holidays ripping out carpet, scraping glue off the cement and painting with a sealant paint.  Not mention moving all our junk stuff as needed to do the work.  I love my husband!
Just half of the carpet ripped out...
Office area...

This is the last room to be worked on: our work areas.
I know others have had WAY more loss and I do not wish to complain.  I post this to appologise to all where I have or will not be able to complete swaps.  Hugs to all!
Cindy :)

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