Sunday, January 2, 2011

From Our Hearts

On New Years Eve I sent off my first box of cards to what I think is a great organisation. 
I have been donating extra cards to local senior homes and local fundraising projects organised by friends.
I heard about this group through a group I make asian cards with and decided to create a box of cards from extras that have been hanging around my craft room. (this is step 1 in my cleaning up my craft space)  When I was done, I had completed 150 cards! 
This organisation packages up and sends cards to troups fighting over seas on behalf of many countries.  This provides handmade cards for our troups to send home to their loved ones. (at no cost)  If you are interested, click on the logo for 'From Our Hearts' and it will bring you to their web page.


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  1. A great organization. Hopefully this will motivate me to make some extra cards. I can't imagine just sitting down and making 150 cards! Wow. Also, thanks for the resources you shared on the SDU group. Great links. (I teach in NC).


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